Managed VoIP services offer the benefits of traditional copper-wire telephone systems, at a reduced cost. With VoIP you can send voice and media communications over your pre-existing internet services. A concern many companies express before adopting VoIP, is their need for a PBX. Another concern is the quality of calls on the legacy VoIP versions of bygone times. The reality is that you can keep your PBX, maintain your call bit-rate, and increase your company’s flexibility. Don’t spend unnecessary money on sub-par services – read on to find out why you should be implementing VoIP today.

Cost Reduction

One of the main reasons to choose a VoIP setup over a traditional PSTN is to bring down monthly costs. Adding on to reduced service costs, you’ll find savings in hardware, maintenance, and fees. When it comes to upgrading a PSTN, additional maintenance and installation are necessary. When you start to reach the limits of your current VoIP configuration, a system upgrade is only a (VoIP) phone call away. Placing additional phone lines and users on your existing VoIP plan is simple, making it easy for your business to grow and thrive.

Capital expenditures are greatly decreased when you implement managed VoIP services. After the initial equipment and install costs, you’ll be set to run as fast as you can. Rates with a VoIP provider are less than half the rates offered by the traditional providers. Your business will have an edge over competitors with conventional pricing. A switch to VoIP will solve some pain points, and your clients won’t know the difference.

Freedom From Outdated Technology

VoIP services give your business freedom outdated copper-wire phone networks, while avoiding the rigidity of a traditional landline. If you want to move your phone number from office to office, or to your home – just move the unit with the number attached to it. As long as the building you want to work out of has an internet connection, you’re good to go.

When you relocate or expand your business, VoIP goes wherever you go. Move to any building with an IP connection, without having to call your provider and arrange number transfer. With smartphone apps you can keep connected to the office at all times.

Ability To Support Remote Employees

If some or all of your employees work remotely, a managed VoIP system can easily keep everyone connected to the office. Employees who work on-site can benefit from a VoIP system when they are on business travel. Don’t sweat the mechanics of setting up connections for employees around the globe, your business communications will still run smoothly. Add remote employees to the company PBX, and you might not know they aren’t in the office next door!