Part of running a company successfully is giving your employees the keys to succeed. Those keys often lie within your company’s infrastructure. Some of those keys can include solutions for uniform results, such as manuals detailing operating procedures. Another important aspect to the success of a business is their servers. These high-cost machines can be major pain points for businesses on a tight budget. As with any other part of your business, you should do the research before making a choice.

The benefits of servers

Many people think of a server as a storage device. In reality, server protects the network by allowing secure access to important information. In addition to providing centralized backup, a server can run server software. This software is hosted on a server, with a front end accessed through an employee PC. After accessing server software, employees can use the server’s hefty CPU to run services that would bog down consumer PCs. Servers also allow you to run virus management from a centralized location on a set schedule.

By this point, we’re sure you can see the value of a server. Most large companies use servers to keep their companies running smoothly. You might already be running a Google search on another tab and groaning at the cost of servers. There are a few negatives aspects to running a physical server: maintenance costs, hardware upgrades, real-world storage space, and cooling. The list could go on for a while but we won’t indulge, because there’s a pain free solution to managing your own servers: rent managed virtual servers.

In a space where many companies are choosing to minimize their footprint, using virtual servers makes sense. Let’s examine a few benefits of using a managed virtual server, in addition to what a standard server offers.

Unlimited scalability

When you purchase your own servers, you have to make a space for them. As your company grows you will need to purchase more servers. In addition to creating more space for them, you will incur the costs of new hardware purchases. With managed virtual servers, you can upgrade your servers with ease, whenever you need to.

Fully configured

After purchasing a server, the next step is often buying components that allow your company to work at maximum potential. Our fully configured servers will allow your company to work at full speed with room to breathe.

Managed software and licenses

Don’t worry about the regular updates and patches pushed out by companies. With managed virtual servers, we take care of the upkeep, so you can focus on your businesses core competencies.


Don’t worry about hiring an employee who specializes in server maintenance, let us provide server support. All your issues are guaranteed to be taken care of by experienced staff with the right tools for the job.

A financially sound decision

Nobody can read the future, and the upfront cost of purchasing a server is high. Sometimes businesses have to minimize their expenses, or even close their doors. Trying to sell a cache of expensive servers? They’ll be lucky to get back pennies on the dollars. Renting virtual servers will allow you to minimize your expenses. Don’t get stuck with a room full of unused equipment.

These are a few of the many benefits of renting managed virtual servers. When you weigh the pros and cons, it becomes clear that it’s more effective to rent. The low cost, ease of use, and availability of virtual servers, make them smart decision for your business.