We work with small businesses to find the right solutions for protecting their data. Security tools don’t need to be expensive to be effective. For this reason, our toolkit is primarily made up of open source products for Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS), Intrusion Prevention Systems (IPS), and firewalls. Open source products are transparent and reliable, but above all, they put security within the budget of your business.
We create straightforward policies and perform employee training while building cyber security into your workplace culture.

Cyber Security Tools:

  • Snort — an open source network intrusion detection and prevention system. This lightweight software can be configured to either log or log and block potentially harmful traffic.
  • pfSense — a firewall and router software based open sourced FreeBSD. It can be incorporated on a physical or virtual machine to create a dedicated firewall/router for your SMB network.
  • Standard commercial packages for anti-virus and anti-malware, loaded at both the desktop and server level.

Because we’ve worked with many organizations in a wide variety of industries, we’ve been able to pare our operations down to the most beneficial process. As a result, our workflow implements simple procedures with maximum impact.  

Our Expertise Brings:

  • End-to-End Scope
    A  good cyber security program addresses all the data in an organization. When a large number of devices share one network, index speeds can get slow, as a result locating all your data can be a challenge. We make sure that your setup monitors all the critical elements of your organization.
  • Risk Assessment and Threat Modeling
    First, we identify the risks and the likelihood of threats. Then we’ll work with you to make sure your most sensitive data is absolutely secure. Finally, we’ll put together a plan that includes likely points of attack and data theft targets, and stop hackers cold.
  • Proactive Incident Response Planning
    Acknowledge that breaches are likely to occur eventually, and adopt incident response plans. A proactive approach to incident response planning means testing the plan to improve its effectiveness, and ensuring that personnel is trained to limit its damage.
  • Dedicated Cyber Security Resources
    Not all businesses have the budget to hire an individual who specializes in cyber security. An alternative is to outsource essential services to companies that fit their budget.

Network security is a paramount concern for businesses, as new threats are always popping up. The challenges faced by small and mid-sized businesses are unique, requiring a different approach to developing effective security policies. Small businesses are often at greater risk of cyber crime due to insufficient resources.

Automated scanners and botnet malware don’t care what size a company is. Viruses take many different forms, but they all have the same MO: first, they search for a chink in the armor, and then they dig into the network. Viruses and malware ultimately take your information and send it back to an unknown server. Using managed solutions, smart planning, and best practices, businesses can reduce risks and minimize data theft. Security consists of a multi-layered approach. We provide solutions built from the ground up to address your business’ risks and budget.